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French, Italian, British, German, ... no matter what language your car speaks we speak it too.

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  • Trust us to do it right - and save you money!
  • Dont bring your car to the dealer that will want to replace part after part untill they find the real problem - let us fix it for you the right way from the begining.
  • Foreign & Domestic Vehicle Repair
  • Our team intimately knows nearly every car on the road in the US. Trust to us to fix your vehicle to factory specs whatever its birth place!
  • Suspension Specialists
  • Whether your just need a strut and bushings replaced, alignment, full suspension upgrade, or even lift kit installed - we can service any suspension component on your car!
  • Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Tough electrical problems that other shops dont want and cant handle are not a problem. We have the tools and the expertise to find the electrical issue in your car. Whether its a simple short, a slow current draw or a complex navigation system - we know what to do.
  • ECU, TCU, Module Flashing & Repair
  • We Replace, Repair and Reprogram and Update the various electronic modules that your car comes equipped with.
  • Computerized Diagnostics Factory Scan Tools
  • We have the latest OEM tools that allow us to quickly preform diagnosis on your vehicle as well as preform various adaptations todays cars require when installing new components. You save money because we do the job quicker and we do it right the first time!

A combination of dedication, experience and expertise at our happy clients’ disposal.

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Meet the TEAM

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